Microfinance or financial inclusion initiatives are undertaken by various actors, amongst others state departments, civil society organisations (CSOs) and corporate microfinance providers. Most often, CSOs deal primarily with promoting Savings and Loan Associations, sometimes in conjunction with other programme work. CSOs most often advocate for financial inclusion, also for the most vulnerable. Corporate microfinance providers take a related, but different role. Corporate providers enable small and medium entrepreneurs to get a little more scope in their financial transactions. 
On 22 November 2021 DFM focused on Nordic Microfinance Initiative and their work to protect their customers in a Fintech time.Focus of the webinar was on how NMI works with client protection and social performance management and how NMI views Fintech/digitalization both as an opportunity and a threat for the sector and the end-clients/end beneficiaries.

14.00 Introduction by DFM Coordinator Kristine Kaaber Pors
14.10 NMI Senior Advisor Lone Søndergaard
14.30 NMI partner Dvara KGFS of India
15.00 Panel with NMI Senior Advisor Lone Søndergaard, DFM Chairman, microfinance expert Peter Blum Samuelsen, DanChuchCAid Head of Programme,  Advocacy & Learning Karin Elisabeth Lind
– Client protection in a Fintech time, experiences from India and from Kenya
– NGO and corporate approaches, how do we supplement each other?

Please find below:
1. Recording of the hybrid meeting, including presentations and panel discussion
2. Opening presentation by DFM  
3. Presentation by Nordic Microfinance Initiative and partner