Danish Forum for microfinance theme 2022: How can microfinance help fostering climate intelligent practices?

Financial inclusion is a crucial factor for climate mitigation. Where people are marginalized from the society and the economy, they will have to fight for existence on the fringe. And on the fringe, normally, the primary priority is survival and not climate intelligent practices. DFM members have good experiences how microfinance in terms of savings groups and microfinance institutions help including people into the economy.
But how can financial inclusion at the same time foster climate intelligent practices?
What roles could be played by NGO’s, research, business, and investors? DFM wishes to provide inspiration for sectors to work together, and advocacies to be undertaken to involve decision-makers.

DFM launches five webinars in 2022.
29 March 14-15 Microfinance, climate mitigation and agriculture
5 April 14-15 Microfinance, climate mitigation and energy

June Climate screening tool course by Organic Denmark
Two more webinars to follow in August-September.

Please sign up for webinars by writing to kristine.mikrofinans@gmail.com and follow the events at: Dansk Forum for Mikrofinans | Facebook and  Dansk Forum for Mikrofinans: Overview | LinkedIn

29 March: Webinar 1: Agriculture: How can microfinance support climate mitigation for small-scale farmers

Incentives for small-scale farmers to cultivate climate-clever crops
  • Dr. Dominick Ringo, RECODA, with comments from Danish partners: How savings groups organize small-holder farmers to improve agriculture in a climate intelligent way. VSLA becomes the motor of climate-clever agriculture, e.g. the RIPAT methodology
  • Jes Colding: Intro to Chitumba schemes as a microfinance method promoting climate adapted agricultural practices. Malawi-firm practicing Chitumba schemes: https://awili-mw.org/
  • Nordic Microfinance Initiative: How to create incentives for green development NMI climate smart fund i.e., longerterm palm olie tree lending to reduce deforestation.
  • Intro to app to assess sustainable farming and to facilitate funding: Agroclimatica

5 April: Webinar 2: Energy: How can microfinance support green energy?

  • Asger Trier Bing: Solar Housing Systems in Kenya – how to create green impact by matching green technology and financing model
  • Catrine Shroff, Nairobi: Mwangaza Light promoting energy efficient stoves, promote via church networks
Webinar 2: Energy: How can microfinance support green energy?