The DFM SAVIX learning community consist of Danish NGOs and their East African partners engaged in Village Savings and Loan Associations and wanting to improve monitoring and performance. Active Danish organisations are DanChurchAid, ADRA Denmark, Baptist Union Denmark, Projekt Ulandshjælp til Selvhjælp (PULS), Kirkernes Integrations Tjeneste (KIT)/Churches Integration Ministry. Partners are DCA Uganda, DCA South Sudan, ADRA Uganda, Dutabarane, Association des Eglises Baptistes Au Rwanda, FAYOWODO, Arusha Tz, Church Mission Ministry, Rwanda.

SAVIX is a management system specialised in Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA), developed by Hugh Allen and VSLA Associates, please see the link here:

SAVIX management system:

The partners involved are learning from international experiences through the US based SEEP network, which facilitate learning on VSLAs worldwide.

The objectives of Danish Forum for Microfinance SAVIX learning process are:

Firstly, it will teach savings groups projects facilitated by Danish organisations, to independently collect information on long-term performance indicators of their projects.

Secondly, DFM will create concrete action plans with each participating project, to improve performance of the individual savings group, based on individual analysis of each project.

Thirdly, DFM will focus on capacity building of the Danish VSLA sector, by creation of a Danish learning community.

The learning process is supported by FAHU Foundation.