Digitalisation of Village Savings and Loan Associations/SAVIX

Digitisation of savings groups/SAVIX

Digitisation is everywhere, and Africa is no exception. Digitalization and FinTech present new opportunities for reaching remote areas, including providing financial services to the poorest but also risks of excluding the less digital literate. How can the social structures and qualities of savings still be kept in a digital age? FAHU Foundation found in their research that there is a risk that particularly older women are left behind, when digitization takes up speed. Programme design needs to cater for that possible downside.

Please find here 2021 presentations of different solutions to digitalising VSLA’s and discuss how these might further financial inclusion of marginalised communities.

Henrik Kähler, FAHU Foundation:

FAHU Foundation presents fresh results from research amongst practitioners working with VSLA and Fintech and have an insightful list of opportunities and risks linked to Fintech. Research is undertaken with American PCI: LINK to presentation


CARE / Chomoka:

CARE is supporting the Chomoka digital platform to roll out in Tanzania: LINK to presentation


DCA partner Ensibuuko has successfully used digitization in Ugandan VSLA groups: LINK to presentation

DFM SAVIX learning process 2018-22

From 2018-22 DFM facilitated a learning process with members and partners to learn from the SAVIX system hosted by VSLAssociates. See the learning report here

Find here below presentations from advisers and partners:

Professor Roy Mersland, University of Agder: LINK to presentation
Hugh Allen, VSLAssociates: Please go to for most recent updates
Jacqueline Iradikunda, AEBR, Rwanda: LINK to presentation
Ezechiel Habonimara, Dutabarane, Burundi: LINK to presentation