Value chains and financial inclusion

Value chains and financial inclusion

I DFM er vi optaget af, hvordan små spare- og lånegrupper kan blive afsæt for fattige menneskers adgang til ressourcer og indflydelse, eller med andre ord, finansiel og samfundsmæssig inklusion.

In DFM we are looking into how small-scale savings groups can be linking members and groups to larger capital and to the civil society and the market more generally.

We have been working on savings- and loan groups’ access to capital from Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) and banks. See more in this guide (LINK to resources)

Our member Abler Nordic, contribute to this annual report on how MFIs contribute to financial inclusion: LINK:

Furthermore DFM has been looking into how the market can work in a more pro-poor way: LINK to Engaging markets, Resources

Finally DFM sees savings- and loan groups as an excellent first step towards building up civil society and a voice for the poor, e.g. in building up clusters and cooperatives: Link